Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey my perfect...

It's been awhile, yet again, and I have so many blog posts cramming up my mind that I need to get them all out! It has been a crazy summer! You will see alot of writing from now on cause I have to catch up!! So...I have to back up a tad bit and just touch on our Mexico trip that we took in June! What a fun trip! Our easiest so far with you. Not that you aren't easy my dear, but younger than 2 can be sorta difficult in places that are NOT baby proof!! :) So...this trip you were much more "grown up" and it was a little more relaxing for your parents! Most of our days were spent at the club where we swam, ate, swam, ate and swam...and then ate some more. It was wonderful.

You became a little FISH there in Mexico. We put some water wings on you, and on some days you spent about 7 hours in the water....UNBELIEVABLE! I was thrilled that you loved the water so much...yay! I always hoped that! It sure gave us a nice break! :)

It was great spending a bunch of time with your Grandparents, aunts, uncles and your cousin Sergio! (Who you called Shoo Shoo the whole time....) Cute! :) Here are some pics from our trip......I will write more later about the rest of our summer!!

Love you my little fish,

Love, Mommy