Friday, February 27, 2009

I Pose a Question to All Who Care.... :)

I’m just curious..... How is it that SOMEONE who has a college degree, and can talk politics and breaking news until my eyes roll into the back of my head and I fall to the floor, cannot seem to finagle the above contraption???

And by the way, a fresh roll is always withing reach....

Is this a gender issue? Or are you guys just SERIOUSLY this lazy? Just wondering..... :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

22 Months and Full of Spunk! :)

Hi my little monkey,

I can't believe that you are only 2 months away from being a little two-year old! How fun!!! And scary too! :) I'm just seeing your "babyhood" fade away faster and faster every day, and although it makes me proud for your accomplishments, it still grabs me at the gut quite often knowing that your sweet dependence in me is fading. You don't WANT much help anymore! You even push me away when I try to hold your hand down the stairs.... "I can do it!" you seem to say.

Just today I watched you step off the front steps without bending over and using your hands for, so exciting, yet so so sad! You're growing too fast! Seriously!

You know exactly what you want at all times, know where to find it, know how to express to us that you want it and know how to have a meltdown when you don't get it. :) You are learning so much and your little mind is just in overdrive at times. It's adorable...


BEING NAKED. Oh my do you LOVE being naked!!! As soon as I take one article of clothing off you are begging for the rest to be gone...especially the diaper. You pull on it until it is halfway down your legs. Hehehehe.... :) You get soooooooo excited once you are "Au Natural" and you immediately take off running like a free man! You are so giggly and content that I always hate to have to put a diaper back on you, but you've already watered the carpet a few times. :) This just better be a phase! LOL

TAKING BATHS. Until recently, I took baths WITH you every other night, but one day I just decided that I was done with that and put you in your own bath to play. I've loaded you up with extra fun toys and fun soap, and you have had an absolute blast every single time. You are sooo sooo cute in that bathtub. I took a video of you tonight in the bathtub that I will share. I was asking you where all your body parts were and you didn't hesitate one single bit! That's my smart cookie!

PLAYING WITH YOUR DADDY'S WALLET. One thing that makes you extremely excited is when your daddy lets you play with his wallet. :) You start hootin' and hollerin' the moment you see him pull it out and you sit there and take every card out one at a time and then put them all back. Then you repeat that whole process 20 more times. :) Cute....

PUTTING THINGS BETWEEN YOUR TOES. What more can I say? You put everything that could possibly fit in between your toes, lean back to look at it and just LAUGH. Man you are funny...and weird? hehehe

ANIMATED MOVIES. Only as of recently have you been interested in movies, and boy have you ever gotten interested! I was only hoping you would sit down for a few minutes here and there and watch something not long ago, and now I am fighting with you to turn it off! You are amazed with CARS, and TOY STORY, and FINDING NEMO... It's been kinda cute, but are now saved for only special occasions.


ANYTHING ON YOUR HANDS. hate it! The smallest speck of dirt or piece of food and you turn into the whine monster. :) I thought boys didn't mind getting dirty! Not you my hate it...which I secretly am grateful for! :) I am constantly wiping things off your hands, and trying to teach you to do the same.

HAVING CLOTHES ON. Already went there... :)

Can't think of any more are a pretty happy guy for the most part.. :)

I just want you to know this 22nd month that you are my ultimate dream and my entire life. Every day I am so in love with you. You make everything worth while in life and I adore you with all that I am.

Happy 22nd MONTH!!!

Love, Mommy

This is the putting things in between your toes video.....and notice at the end how you EAT what was in between your toes!!!!

Had to put this video on too... We were feeding you dinner tonight and I had put some applesauce on your plate. You had scooped up all the applesauce but you weren't quite LOVE applesauce!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

An ER Visit Was Not What I Had in Mind Today...

Hi my little accident prone munchkin,

Are you TRYING to give your mother heart failure this week? I may not have quite had that yet, but I know I've probably got 50 more gray hairs on my head today. Sheesh boy! What am I going to do with you? Between you almost biting your tongue off last week and today's incident they may need to send me to the ER too!

So I got a job watching a family's two little girls twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday. One little girl is 2, Naomi, and the other is 4 months old, Lily. Today was my first day so I loaded you up and we arrived at 7:30 this morning. All was going fine until you decided, less than three hours on the job, that you were going to do a face plant into their wonderful ornate, wooden coffee table. I didn't realize the extent of the injury until the blood started GUSHING.....Head wounds are the worst.... My heart SUNK. I was like I felt it pounding in my stomach when I saw the wound and KNEW what had to be done. First, I was so very sad that you were going through that pain, and secondly, I was thinking of what I was going to say when I had to make that call to the mother. How very comforting for her to have ME there! I guess at least it was MY child, and not one of HERS!

I called her up, with you screaming in the background, and immediately said "That's not your child crying, that's not your child's mine!" I just told her that you needed to go to the emergency room, so she needed to come back. I took you to the hospital and your daddy met us there. Poor guy...he was so afraid for you. You were such a trooper even there at the hospital.....You smiled for all the ladies getting your vitals. You even said thank you! The emergency doctor that took care of you was a gift from Heaven. I couldn't have prayed up a better and sweeter doctor for you. He had a little guy at home too, and knew just what to do to help make things easier for you.

I guess these days instead of doing stitches, unless it's a really big cut, they do a glue procedure.....just glue you right up! They say it's better than stitches for the scarring, and the healing process it faster. It's not so fun to do it, but it's a little better than the stitches. Holding you down for that procedure was pure HELL for me....You looked at me almost as if I was betraying you. You were trying to push me away and it just ripped me up. More than anything today, that look has stuck with me and makes me want to cry. I'm so sorry boo boo. If only you knew how much I would give my whole LIFE for you not to feel the slightest amount of pain, you would know you didn't have to look at me like that. :( Your pain was fleeting, and mine still seems to linger. I just am already dreading the next event. Crazy I know, but it just makes me scared too. I never loved anything so much in my life and I just want to protect you with everything I am, but I know I cant always do that....So I'm learning.

I just hate that your precious face had to be marred in any way. Thank GOD it was not right in the middle of your forehead! Your Uncle Sergio is a plastic surgeon though, so if for some reason you don't like your scar, he can fix it. Your Uncle Joey reminded me tonight to tell you that.... "Chicks dig scars....." So just keep that in mind... :) Again...PLEASE don't be accident prone like your Uncle Joey!!! PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!!! :) were such a trooper today and yet again I am overflowing with pride and love for you. Thank you for making my life soooo worth living.....even when you are giving me premature gray hairs. (sort of premature...ok...I'm old) I love you bunches and millions!

Love, Your Mommy

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy Toe Lint Boy

Hey my little duders,

Our little friend Leigh Ann says that word and I've kinda taken a liking to right now you my little duders. :)

I've been meaning to post this video for about two months now... You noticed one day when you were taking your socks off that there was a piece of lint in between your toes. It was the coolest thing in the world to you!!! So....thus started the obsession of wanting to take your socks off constantly and pick the lint out of your toes. I caught a little bit of it on video.... I'm glad you are out of this phase now, but you were soooooo cute while you were doing it!