Monday, August 20, 2007

Need Rogaine?

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Hi my little baldy...

In huge news...You're losing your perfect, precious, beautiful hair! I can't believe it!! I can't believe how attached and in love with your sweet hair that I am! And to think that I wanted a bald baby! Your hair has been one my favorite little things about you....I never know what its going to do from one day to the next and I've loved every precious hair on your head. I wonder how its going to grow back...the same color? Curlier? Another wonderful thing that I'll get to look forward to! You look like a little old man now starting to bald....I'ts soooo cute!

I just found out today that I can't have my other surgery for another two or three months. I am so disappointed. I'm so tired of not feeling like myself. Thank God I have you! I sure am in love with you, and you sure are in love with me. Right now I am feeling like I could just crawl in bed and stay there for a while, but then I am faced with the reality that those days are over for me. You are the best reason for me to put on my happy face and continue to push through every day. Thanks sweetheart.

And may I say, you certainly are adjusting nicely to life on the outside (which makes it sound like you just recently were released from prison. :) You are starting to understand things like getting dressed, the necessity of diaper changes, that it will always be cold when you get out of the tub, that sometimes you just HAVE to wait for a bottle, that eventually your eyes will adjust to the light, that naps are good things and that night-night time is actually a fun thing. You are understanding that your hands are for holding things, as well as gnawing on, and that Mommy is the funnies person in the world. I hope someday you understand that being on your stomach can be a fun thing! Boy do you still hate it!! You whine like a big baby! Oh---you ARE one!! :) I think you really like being read to, and are always pretty self-content. You have a special fondness for your little monkey, and you love to hold on to a blanket already. I think that you are going to be a "woobie" boy. How sweet will that be? Your uncle Joey had a woobie that he loved too...

Well, we're almost packed for your first plane ride on Wednesday...I can't wait for you to meet your uncles! I can't believe how many more things that I have to pack for you little one. You require alot more than even me!! I hope we can manage all this you and me...It's alot for your mommy to juggle on her own! You, the suitcase, stroller, carseat and diaper bag. Whew! I'm worn out just thinking about it! We'll see if I get the title "Super Mom" after this trip! :)

I'm absolutely exhausted so I will say goodnight for now... I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cader Tater Tot

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Hello again my perfect little one!

Did you know that this is what your Nana calls you all the time? "Cader Tater Tot!" You are her little Tater Tot for sure! :)

We kinda had a rough night last night. You were up a good portion of the night with a fever and not feeling so good after your vaccinations yesterday. I knew that it would happen, but it's never easy getting little sleep. I'm so tired right now I don't know how I can even type, but what can I say.... you inspire me no matter what state I'm in. I'm so sorry you were not feeling well last night punkin'.... I just hated knowing that you were miserable. We cuddled up together and I helped you get through it.....Finally your fever broke and you were able to go back to sleep at 4:30. I thought for sure you would snooze through your regular waking time of 6:30, but boy was I wrong! I should have're my clockwork baby!! How is it that EVERY morning you are awake within 5 minutes of 6:30? I mean, I'm not kidding! It's the same every morning! How do you do that??? If I needed to catch a plane and be up by that time, I wouldn't even set an alarm....I'm THAT confident that YOUR internal alarm would wake us just fine!! :) You're so cute....

So, since I was up most the night I had alot of time to think about alot of things, and I was thinking about all the people that I love in my life that you haven't met yet. I wanted to tell you a little about them and why I can't wait for you to meet them.

First of all....My best friend in the whole world lives in Colorado where your mommy grew up, and his name is Ian. I could go on and on all day long, and write for the rest of my life, and that wouldn't even come close to explaining how wonderful he is. If I could chose any man on this earth that I would want you to be most like, it would be Ian. He has been in my life for as long as I can remember, has been there for me....and has always remained that one person I would want by my side no matter what. You would love him....I know I do.

Of course you haven't met your Uncles yet! Uncle Joey and Uncle Matty!! We are going to see both of them next week and I just can't wait!!! We are going on your first plane ride from Nashville to San Diego, to Portland, and then back to Nashville. Whew! You are going to love flying little one...Travel is just in your blood!

Now, your Uncle Joey has been quite the "accident prone" guy most of his life, so don't be getting any bright ideas there! You know how your mom gets when you are in pain! I'll be completely gray by the time you are four if you take after him! He is very adventurous and always seems to know how to fix anything. He's definately the kind of guy that you want to take with you everywhere you go in case anything happens. Joey is just Joey, and I love him so much. He is going to think you are amazing! He can't wait to show you all sorts of "cool" things. You two will have lots of fun...

Your Uncle Matty is the golfer uncle. He LOVES to golf, and is very good at it. I'm sure that he will teach you how to play some day! Maybe when you're about two? Matty is very interesting in his quiet way. We have a fun time together,and I just love him so much! He is definately excited about you coming! He always wants me to send pictures of you to his phone!

There are so many other people that I can't wait for you to meet....they are all so wonderful in their own ways...but I have to mention one more. My Aunt Jo I guess she would be your great Aunt? She is my favorite..... You will absoulutely LOVE her!!!!!! She is soooooo soooo funny, and amazing, and just plain wonderful to be around! She can just make any experience the most memorable, and not many people can do that. She is such a special woman, one I look up to, and I always have the best time when she is around She definately makes me wish that our family was all closer. She is just going to eat you up when you see her! I think that she will be your favorite too... :)

I don't have time now to mention more people, but I'm so glad I have that problem! Not many people are blessed with as many wonderful friends and family as I am! Someday you will meet them all....

I'm exhausted so I am going to go take a quick nap now that you are asleep... I love you so much.....

Love, Mommy

Monday, August 13, 2007


I just had to put a picture of your first eating was just too funny, and too cute...!!

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Some Crazy Weeks.....

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Hello little man of mine..

It's been SOOO long since I've written..I've scolded myself almost every day now for not taking the time....but there hasn't seemed to be any time at all!

Ok...where to begin? make a very long story short, your mommy has not been doing so well physically since you came along. Although I had the perfect pregnancy and birth, boy did you wreak havoc on this body of mine as you came through that birth canal! Not that I am complaining...I would do it a million times over again to have you my little perfect baby. You are worth every ache and pain.

Your mommy had to have surgery so your nana came to stay with us to help out for a week.... Boy did we have fun with her! She is so good to you.....singing to you, playing with you, bathing you... You just eat it up and reward her with a million smiles. She sure does love you! And she is so good to me! I couldn't lift you up in your little car seat, or lift your stroller, so she had to do all the hard stuff....poor nana! :( Well...after a few days I realized that my surgery didn't work and I was sooo discouraged. How can you go under anesthesia, have them cut you up and it not work? Soooo frustrating... Somehow we have to get mommy fixed.... It will happen! :)

Soooo....we had to go to many doctors this week for your mommmy, and endure some not so fun tests. At one place, I got there and they asked me who was there to watch you! I said, "!" They then informed me that you were not allowed back there with me and I needed to call someone. After much panic I finally got a hold of your Aunt Erica, and she came all the way across town to watch you in the doctor's office. Thank GOD for my friends and family. She had so much fun with you, and by the time I was done you were fast asleep. What a stresful day! And it wasn't over yet! I got you home and when I took you out of your carseat you were BURNING up. At first I just thought it was because it was hot outside...after all, it has been in the 100's lately, but after I had you inside for about a half and hour and you were still hot, I took your temperature and it was 103!!! Of course I panicked! I called the doctor and they told me to bring you in right away. They ran some tests on you, including drawing your blood, which was my most painful moment with you since you were born. I felt I was betraying you as I held your poor body down and they were poking you with the needle. They couldn't find your vein at first, so they were digging around your arm with the needle as you were screaming at the top of your lungs. I couldn't hold the tears back....I love you so much and your pain and fear were slaying me. I'm so sorry little one. Turns out you had a little virus and when you woke up the next morning you were as good as new! Thank God! You gave me a little scare there!

Well, we just got back from your four month check up at the doctor. You are four months now!!! It amazes me every day... I’m not cut out for this "I'm going to be a calm parent when my child is hurt" thing, love. You poor darling boy. When that ole’ nurse stuck you (three times) with the shooter, I thought I’d die. You just shrieked, then lost the ability to breathe, just hiccuping hysterically. My poor little sweetest honey child…

In more uplifting news, you are a whopping 16.4 pounds, which puts you in the 75th percentile for weight. This is an incredible achievement because last appointment you were in the lower 20th percentile. In both height and head circumference you are 51st percentile. Hooray Caden Alexander! You have definitely filled out, as you ought to be doing. Every curve of your body is perfect! And your skin… Oh my word, but you have got the greatest skin.

You were all smiles for the nurses and folks in the waiting room–everyone commented on what a lovely, fun disposition you have. You were most vocal, jabbering on to anyone that would listen to you. Pretty much if your eyes are open, your mouth is going. You love to screech... i'ts so stinkin' CUTE!!! I swear, I wanna eat you up.. :)

My child, you are the total greatest. So fun. Please forgive us for all the silly pictures we take of you. I’m sure when you are 18, 21, 27, etc. you will be horrified that we ever forced you to participate in such madness. Maybe it will help you stomach the event to know that you were adored by all.

In any event, you are smart. It is strange to watch all the things that you are doing, thinking “Wow, this is the first time that you are doing these cool things.” You are really working hard on your hand/eye coordination. It is amazing to watch you look at something and then reach out and get it. A huge developmental accomplishment! Hooray, Caden!!

You have a fierce grip, and you LOVE to suck on our fingers and your whole fist. Now you've started pulling on mom's hair. Can I say OUCH? MAN you can pull hard for a little guy! I'm always aware of where my hair is now, and mostly pull it back for fear of some major hair loss!

In other news, you absolutely HATE to be put on your can go from smiling ear to ear to whining like no one's business when I put you on your belly. What a baby! (Ha!) The doctor tells me to put you on your stomach for at least 15 minutes a day to help build your muscles, but you aren't having any of that!! Sometimes you will let me put you there for about one minute and then the grumbling starts...I try to shoot as many pictures as possible, as QUICKLY as possible, before you start demanding a different position. You know how to roll over....why don't you just flop over and get it over with?? :) You are toooooo funny.

I keep forgetting if I've mentioned your fake sneezes yet. I write about so many things that sometimes I wonder if I'm repeating myself. Anyway, no biggie, If so, I'll just mention it again! You are a sneezin' little guy...And you can never sneeze just once! Oh's usually 3,4 or five times. Alot of times you will start sneezing, think you are going to sneeze again, and just kind of make up a little sneeze on you own. You kinda sound like an old man sneezing...a big tadoo...
This is literally one of my most favorite things you make the funniest face, and I am just dying to get it on video!

Speaking of video...I videoed you eating some rice cereal from a spoon for the very first time last night! What a big event! It was quite hilarious, and you have more cereal all over your face than actually going in your mouth! You haven't quite gotten a hang of that "swallowing solid food thing" yet. We'll try again in a day or so. Your doctor said that I can even introduce banana's and applesauce! Yum, yum! Just like with food, I am so excited to introduce you to everything in this life. You just can't even believe how many experiences you are going to have! I promise to make every one as memorable and fun as possible punkin'.

Well, you are not feeling so great today after those immunizations so I am going to go love on you extra much. I love you, I love you, I love you!!! Quit growing so quickly!!

Love, Mommy