Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 and 1/2 years ALREADY?

Hello my little man,

Been along time since I wrote, I know...I think about writing almost every day but I just have to admit that by the time the day ends I am so tired that I just CAN'T! You are so busy, and so full of energy that we are more tired during THIS time of your life than any other time...even when you were born! :) But oh how how FUN you are during this time!!! I am just having a blast with you!!!

Well....where to even start..... You are a talkin' little boy. How fun is this? You can pretty much tell us anything that you are wanting to express....3 and 4 word sentences now...and it has happened over night it seemed. It is sooo sooo cute. Sometimes you just sit there concentrating so hard on what you are trying to say....I love those moments cause you are just so precious. I am sooo proud of your vocabulary little man! You are doing sooo well!! Also, your language is a mixture of English AND Spanish. They say that kids can't distinguish between the two languages until they are about 4 or 5. As a result, we notice that you pick the easiest word of the two languages to use, so your vocabulary is a real mixture of both, not everyone would fully understand you! :) It is mostly English though, but you completely understand everything your dad says to you in Spanish. It is truly amazing!

You had your first "kids say the darndest things" moment. We were in Branson visiting my Branson Grandparents and we went out to dinner and you ate pancakes. After we got in the car, Leta said, "Caden, did you like your pancakes?" and YOU said, oh gosh...:) "Um, no, no, they were NASTY!" I thought I was going to DIE. Seriously did you just SAY that??? I don't even know.....hehehehehehe.....

Other cute things you say:

Isabel (the little girl we watch) is "BAHBEL"

Milk is "Mooks"

Eliott, your little best friend it " I E "

Snacks is still " NACKS" no s on the beginning... :)

Hand you say with this funny accent... like German... "hahnd"

When your diaper is dirty you say... " Mommy, pee yew!"

You speak often of yourself in 3rd person, "Caden wants a cracker..." cute

You have so many FAVORITES right now...the biggest one being playing with Eliott in the rocks in the vacant lot near our house. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep that is all you want to do. You wear me out!!! So cute you two are will seriously spend HOURS just picking up rocks and throwing them over the edge of the foundation...again and again and again. I wish I could stick to one task that long! I'm lucky if I get HALF our bed made in a day! :)

Other favorites right now:

Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese



The book "The Mine-o-saur" (which I want to burn cause you make me read it so many times a day that I want to scream!!! hahahahaha! I definitely have it memorized)

The book " Llama Llama red pajama" Another one I have memorized :)

Your train table and all your little trains

The Bee Movie

Madagascar 2

By the this is another month later as I am trying to finish this blog...I need to just go back to doing smaller ones every day....starting TODAY! YAY!! I'm back and ready to write!! For now, I am just going to add some pictures and a few videos from the last few months and then back up and write more specific things....there is so much!!! I don't want to miss a minute of documenting your precious life my little to come later!!!

I love you my precious 2 year old! Whoever dubbed "the TERRIBLE two's" didn't have you as a little one.....I love you!!!

Love, Mommy