Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caden Communication

My little Caden,

You are "snug as a bug in a rug" in your little crib right now and I'm missing your sweet little voice. You have been quite vocal lately....even more than usual. You say the funniest little things!! When you want something I ask you to say "please" first. I have no idea WHY, but your version of "please" is "BOP!!" So when I say "Caden, say please", then you say "Bop!" It is hilarious. You will come up to me, tug on my pants, point to something you want and say "BOP!" It doesn't even "sort of" sound like please, but it works! You are adorable... You say "ball", "car", "truck", "mama", "papa", "nana", "dada" and you JUST said your first Spanish word the other day! "Aqua!" Except it's more like "Awa" when you say it.... You are soooo smart!! You are definitely a little bi-lingual baby and I just think that is so awesome. Your daddy only speaks to you in Spanish, and I talk to you in English. No matter what either one of us says, you completely understand. That is just amazing.

Well I am too tired tonight to say much more, but just know that you are my favorite little man in the whole world and I am always loving you....every moment. Sleep tight my little love. See you in the morning!!

Love, Mommy

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Cooler

Hi my precious,

Do you know how stinkin' cute you are??? Every day you make me laugh with your sweetness and your ability to find pleasure in the simplest things. Which is why I have to post this video. I ran and grabbed my camera when I saw you start dragging an empty cooler around the yard like it was your toy. It's bigger than you but it didn't stop you one second! I really wonder what goes through that mind sometimes....you are absolutely adorable and I am completely in love with you.

Love, Mommy

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mow, Mow, Mow your lawn!!

Hi my precious,

You are at your Mother's Day Out Program right now and I am missing you! You seem to have a great time there but I always try and be the first mom there to pick you up so you don't feel like you're waiting. Plus I just miss you!

I have to share some pictures that I took last weekend that just make me laugh and that are so YOU. I think I've mentioned before that one of your obsessions is watching people mow their yards. You will sit still for 15 minutes just mesmerized by a neighbor mowing their grass. It just fascinates you. So funny.... Anyway, I was in the garage piddling around getting ready for the garage sale and you were on the front porch watching your daddy mow the front yard. Next thing I know I look out and see THIS...

Oh my gosh....too funny! Your daddy said that you came off the porch as he was mowing and you wanted to hold his hand and want next to him. That was too dangerous so he just picked you up. When you he tried to set you down on the porch the next go round, you just sobbed, so he just kept carrying you, mowing with one hand, and you as happy as can be. It's the little things. :)

He needed to mow the backyard and I remembered the little hiking backpack that I bought at a yard sale last year so we decided to strap you in!! What a sight that must have been for the neighbors to see! You were in heaven though....

I hope you like mowing this much when you're a teenager! If not, I have proof!!! I love you my bestest...going to leave now to pick you up!!! Maybe we'll get the weed whacker out later... :)

Love, Mommy

Monday, September 15, 2008

17 MONTHS!!!

Hello my little love,

It's late and I'm simply exhausted but I absolutely HAVE to write to you cause today you are 17 months old! One month shy of a year and a half! I swear, you keep get getting more and more fun. I am just having the time of my life hanging out with you! I never knew life could be so sweet....and so fulfilling. Thank you for that.

You are hard to keep up with my little guy! You are getting around faster and faster these days and it is not as easy to keep track of you. So many times lately when we've been hanging out outside of the house, I have had to run around the outside of the house looking for you cause you're GONE in two seconds. It's so funny...your little legs just take off! Quit doing that to me! You're going to give me heart failure!! You are quite the little independent guy. I love that though.


HELPING. Oh gosh you are so adorable...you just LOVE to help me with whatever task I'm involved in whether its putting laundry in or out of the dryer, folding clothes, putting away groceries, making dinner...etc... You just want to be a part of everything and help in some way. It is soooo precious and I'm actually really loving it. I hope this phase lasts forever! Here is a video of you helping mommy:

BEING IN YOUR DAD'S CAR. Yes, still an obsession of yours. But it must all be in order of course. You need the keys in your hands BEFORE you get in the car, THEN you get in and put the keys in the ignition. (You even know what key it is...amazing) THEN you can play. How are you so smart?

PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES: All of the above thrill you to no end and I practically need earplugs when you see or hear any of the three... :)

PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION: Oh gosh child, you are the kissingest, huggingest boy on the face of the earth right now! Just today we went to play in the big indoor play area at the gym I go to, and you were hugging every kid that you ran into. Then they all started coming and giving YOU hugs! The ONE day there that I didn't have my camera. Bummer....cause it was the cutest thing. Again, I hope you never outgrow this loving phase! However, you gotta go easy on hugging and kissing total strangers, especially when you get older. Of course you're not allowed to even kiss a girl til your 30. hehehe :)

INDOOR PLAY AREA: The local Baptist Church has a Family Center that has a huge gym complete with weight rooms, exercise classes, basketball courts, racquet ball courts, all the machines, a rock climbing wall, pool, running track, cafe and HUGE indoor play area. The monthly membership to access all this is only 15 dollars a YEAR. Yes, a YEAR. Hello!!! Still cannot believe it. So....we now go quite often, AND it even has free childcare if you're working out!! I've been going to Yoga, Zumba and Pilate's classes and then we go play in here!! You love it, and I love watching you get braver and braver and climb higher and higher. It's just going to get more fun the older you get but right now you think it's pretty wonderful.

KIDS KINGDOM: A wonderful OUTDOOR play area nearby that is wonderful...Most of it is under the shade of a huge tree which is wonderful cause its been so hot lately and most playgrounds are just OUT THERE in the heat. This place is a kid's dream, as with the indoor play area, and you love to explore the whole thing! I took a few pics of you the other day....

GRAHAM CRACKERS: I just introduced these to you last week and you just can't get enough!! It's very cute. Your new favorite snack.

We went to the Nashville Fair last weekend and you got to see your first cow, donkey, goat, chicken, rooster, pig and sheep! You were a little uncertain, especially with the chickens...(why the chickens? haha) but you still were interested. It's so fun experiencing things with you for the first time. I want you to know that it really thrills me to show you these things, to watch your face as you experience them. Nothing brings me more joy. I look forward to a lifetime of these experiences with you.

Happy 17 month birthday my love! As always, you are growing way too fast but I love, love, love you more every month!! Whether you are awake and running around or fast asleep in your bed, I can't seem to get enough of you. Sometimes I just breathe you in and my heart just tightens I love you so darn much......You will never quite understand this until you have little ones yourself. We'll talk about it someday...:) Well sleep well my love, and know that I love you with my life...

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Social Butterfly/Kissing Bandit

Hello my littlest guy,

Gosh it's been the longest ever since I've written. I hate, hate hate that. I've just been so sick from the injections that I started taking a week and a half ago and haven't had the energy to even type. I have to give myself a shot every other day so that I'll feel much better, but my body hasn't quite gotten used to it and has kept me feeling pretty awful. It's all good though...had my first good day yesterday, no nausea, and today seems to be the same. Thank GOD!! Woo hoo! :)

You, my little one, have been quite the little social guy as of late. Gosh you are so darn cute and you just woo everyone that comes in your path. Do you realize how many total strangers fall head over heels in love with you in a matter of moments? You just have this charm about you, and that cheesy grin that just makes people melt, including your momma! You LOVE people...always want to go say hello to everyone, and yes, offer them up kisses. You LOVE to kiss....everyone and everything. Even hugs too... It's absolutely precious.

The other day we were at the grocery store and we were checking out our groceries and there was a teenage boy bagging our groceries. You were mesmerized with him and them puckered up your lips and leaned forward towards him with your eyes shut (as you do.) He kinda looked at me and said..."uh...." I said, "He wants to kiss you, but you don't have to let him, it's ok." He said, "No, it's ok, I don't mind" and proceeded to let you kiss his cheek. It just made me giggle.... you are a total nut. But what can I say? So is your mommy...

You want to kiss ladies in line at the stores, the lady lifeguard at our pool (about 10 times), all our our friends, your little friends, the mailman,..... You are just quite the loving little guy, and I'm happy for that. If only we as adults could be so vulnerable and loving to others. I wonder how many people we meet randomly throughout our day could just use a hug from someone or a kiss on the cheek? That can make someones day..... I hope you never run out of kisses and hugs my dear. I know I never will for you!!!

I love you,
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some People Just Never Grow Up

Hello my little love,

I'm laughing even as I start typing this because I know what I'm about to put on here and sometimes I can't believe how stupid I am....AND my friends....hehehe... We are so ridiculous. I wouldn't trade that for the world though. I am thankful for my ability to still be a total goofball, and even more thankful that I have loony friends as well to partake in the goofiness. These are the things that make my heart smile. Boring is definitely not my life...that's for sure! So....I just wanted to share some of the goofiness...with one of my goofiest friends, your Aunt Erica!!

As most people know, Erica is just a tiny little thing just shy of 5 foot so we took advantage of that smallness and had a little fun yesterday.... Here is Erica experiencing what it is like to be CADEN!!!

You love eating in your highchair....

and so does Erica!!!

You LOVE to ride in your little red car....

And so did Erica!!

Playing in your daddy's car is sooo much fun for you...

and it is for Erica too!!

You like being pushed around in your stroller.....

but not as much as Aunt Erica!!

Your car seat is pretty comfortable for you....

and even more so for Erica!

You know how much you like to brush your teeth?

Well so does Erica!

Sitting in your little blue chair and watching your kid's shows is one of your favorite things to do....

Erica decided that she likes it a lot too....

Your favorite sleeping position...

I don't even know what to type here I'm laughing too hard...

Remember playing in the dryer?

Yes, we actually went there.... :)

Here is Erica in the place I send you for "time out".... I don't have an actual picture of you yet, but I think it would look something like this...

And lastly, Erica has always loved your picture in the middle of the highway and wanted one of her too....hey, our street had to do... :)

No, your mommy and her friends don't have fun.....nope...

I love you,

Love, Mommy