Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your Girlfriend's Party!

So your first love, Aria, turned one on April 4? or 6? Oh shoot, I can't remember!! :) We went to her little birthday party that weekend and you got to play with your friends again! Woo hoo! It's been so fun watching you and Alex and Aria growing up guys are quite the trio! Aria's mom Julie did such a great job with everything, just like Alex's mom did, and it was just nice to hang out and enjoy every one's company. I feel like I didn't get to talk very much to people at YOUR party cause there were just too many and it was so crowded. I feel like I missed out on conversations and just people in general. Oh well, it was still wonderful! :)

Anyway, you all played nicely and were OBSESSED with the magnets on the refrigerator. You were all throwing them off and putting them back on, however you were PITCHING them halfway across the room!! Holy cow, I'm not kidding you but we were amazed at how strong that arm of yours was! You were seriously FLINGING those magnets as hard and as far as you could. Good grief child! You could have taken someones eye out! :) Ironically, our neighbors gave you those same magnets for your birthday, so now you can have big "tossing time" in the comfort of our own home.

I have to say, out of the three of you kiddos, Aria had the best CAKE pictures ever. Her frosting was bright pink and purple and boy did she ever smear that stuff all over her beautiful little face. It was the most precious thing ever!! She made me really look forward to your time...

We tried getting another pic of the three of you but it is getting harder and harder as the months go by. You guys don't want to sit still for one second...always gotta be going, going, going.... This is what we captured

Happy Birthday Aria!! We love you!!!

Walking, Walking, Walking!!!

Hi my little walker,

I have been so busy I haven't even documented how you are a walking boy!! Oh my gosh you are WALKING!....and walking and walking and walking.... :) This is now your preferred method of travel...and you are the CUTEST little walkin' dude ever. You look like a little drunk man wobbling around. So funny....and so adorable...:)

I had never encouraged you to walk,EVER, cause I knew my days of you staying put were numbered, but when your nana came to visit the beginning of April, she did her best to get you to take some steps and boy did she ever succeed!! Your first few steps happened on April 4th, and each day following you took more and more steps, and got braver and braver. You seemed sooooo excited that you were actually walking on your own. You would just laugh and laugh as you were trucking along. What a joy to watch....and also a little scary knowing what I was up against now. I told your nana, "Thanks alot MOM!! You come here, teach Caden to walk and then LEAVE the next day!!" :)

It was exciting that you were walking by your 1st birthday. It's kinda fun not to have to worry about where I sit you down....that you can just follow my anywhere pretty quickly. Man, you are even trying to RUN now! You definitely are taking quite the falls lately because of it. Your body wants to get away from your feet! ) We took a video from the first couple days of you taking your first steps.... I'll take another one soon to show how much you have improved!!

Keep on truckin buddy, you are doing such a good job and I am so proud of all the learning and growing that you are doing. You are the love of my life.....

Love, Mommy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caden's First Party!!

Hey my little love,

So your first big Birthday Bash was yesterday. What a day!!! TWENTY EIGHT people showed up to help you celebrate. Can you believe that??!!? No you're not loved or anything.....Jeez Looise!!! What an amazing day.

So, I pretty much panicked when I realized that so many people were coming. I NEVER thought that everyone would be able to make it....but oh yes, they were coming! So...I had a few days to really plan this thing and get it all put together, and boy did I have a blast! I was so excited to make a fun little party for you....even though you'll never remember it.. :) I will though....I'll never forget my baby's first birthday party.....

Your party was a Jungle Theme....(of course) I got green Poster Board and cut out big leaves and strung them with vine looking rope. I put fun signs in the appetizers to make it fun and "jungly" :) The Meatballs were "Monkey Poop"....Potato Chips were "Beetle Wings".....Grapes were "Snake Eggs".....Raisins were "Dried Ants"....Spinach Dip was "Python Puke"....Hot Dog strips were "Live Worms" and etc..... How FUN!!! It was definitely a hit.... :) I didn't want to buy your cake at the store so I made both of your cakes with the help of your Aunts Heather and Erica. Boy did we have fun with THAT!! We were laughing soooo hard trying to mold monkeys, trees and leaves out of Tootsie Rolls and Fruit Roll ups. I think it turned out pretty well though and I was so glad that I did it.

We got some great pictures of you eating your first bit of birthday cake. You were so hesitant at first, picking little pieces off and carefully placing them in your mouth. It wasn't until I practically pushed your hand in the cake to help you out a bit that you really started going for it. You practically ate half your little cake baby!!....You were the cutest birthday boy ever.

I'm not sure you'll ever grasp how much you are me, your dad and everyone that knows you. You are a gem and the treasure of my life. Happy Birthday my little one. You sure know how to throw a great party!! I love you so very much.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy First Birthday Caden!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Caden,
Happy Birthday to you!! :)

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that you are ONE!!! It's so exciting yet so, so sad for me. I don't want you to be growing so fast!! It's just not easy... :) is what it Happy Birthday my love!!!

I can't believe it was a year ago that I was in the hospital room with your Daddy, your Nana and Papa, Erica, Heather, Dana and Rebecca and I was waiting for you to be born. You came so minute we were all laughing and the next minute I was holding your precious body in my arms. You were so sweet....soooo sweet...and the most alert little guy I had ever seen. I couldn't believe you were mine. Couldn't believe that I could finally hold you. Do you even understand what a miracle you were to me? And that you still are that miracle every day? My life completely changed in that one moment, and I had no clue the immense joy that I was going to experience in the year to come.

In one year I have found the love of my life in you.....I have gotten to see you roll over for the first time, sit up on your own, start to crawl all over the place, start to talk, witness new teeth coming in, and the latest, walking. These are milestones that every mother looks forward to and talks about. I see why cause each one is a miracle and a joy...just like you. Who would have thought that I would want to do cartwheels over the silliest little thing like the first time you rolled over? Oh Happy Day!!! :)

I'm going to show you a year's worth a for each month, and a little blog exerpt pr highlight from each month. I can't believe how much you've changed....

MONTH 1: "...I could spend the rest of my days just staring at you, watching you learn about the world around you. I have spent a tremendous amount of time just gazing at you, watching you shake your little hands, sleep with your little hands clasped together in the cutuest way and raise your eyebrows while you're dreaming; And when you wake up....that's a whole different thing that makes me melt..."

MONTH 2: "...You are starting to really smile now and it just absolutely melts my heart. You'll just look at me and break out into this huge toothless grin that is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. You've been quite verbal lately as if to tell me all that is going on that little mind of yours. I talk back to you and as if I could understand. We have some interesting conversations you and me....."

MONTH 3: "...You aren't going to remember all the fun we are having right now. I wish I could let you know that every single thing you do–from giggling to out and out sobbing, from falling asleep to splashing in the tub, from watching you in your bouncy seat to getting you out of your car seat when you are drowsy–every thing you do fills me with a joy I have never known before. I look forward to a life with you and consider myself the luckiest of all people to be your mommy."

MONTH 4: "...I hope that you will always feel like you can come to me and that I will help guide you through life’s many journeys. While it may be hard to remember at times, I am your mom and we will always have your best interests at heart. No one will ever love you more than I will love you, ever. I will always root for you the hardest and cheer for you the loudest. When you hurt, I will ache for you, and when life is good to you, my heart will swell for you. I will always be your number one fan, no matter the situation or outcome. I hope that you will know these truths in your heart for all time, my littlest buddy. Sniff… "

MONTH 5: "...You are as perfect as they come. The perfect disposition...(always smiling and happy), the perfect eating habits, the PERFECT sleeping habits...I could just go on and on. I thank God every day for you...and I thank YOU everyday for making my life so much better than I could have ever dreamed it could be. YOU are amazing little munchkin. I love you more than all the chocolate chip cookie dough in the world...:) "

MONTH 6: "...If I ever thought I knew what love was, I was wrong. You have made that more than evident to me. You have my heart wrapped around your little finger, and there it will always be....."

MONTH 7: "...You have been in my world for SEVEN whole months now! Well, technically you have been in my world for 16 months and 6 days, but we won't go into all the scientific details... :) What a whirlwind so far, and so many seems the older you get, the faster the changes seem to take's as if we've been a snowball that has just gained momentum the further it rolls down the mountain, and life is passing up by in such a flash I want to slow it down to enjoy more...."

MONTH 8: "...Oh my gosh you are EIGHT months old!!! Aww....... My little baby is growing up so fast..... Every month I can't believe how much bigger you are getting, how many changes you are going through, and how much more in love with you I grow. I have truly never been more in awe of any single human being. you make my life worth living...."

MONTH 9: "... How could I love him more? And then he grows, and I love him even more than the day before. How is that possible? My heart overflows..........and I'm already missing him tonight. I'm missing who he was today. And tomorrow night I will do the same.... Each day is a tiny little loss for the baby that he is becoming less of, and each day brings excitement for the little boy that he is slowly turning out to be...."

MONTH 10: "...You are seriously almost walking boo.... You hold on the the walls, the furniture, the railings, the dogs...anything you can find. You are becoming more brave, at times using only one finger to hold on to something as you reach and stretch for something else. I really think you could just let go, but you don't seem to trust yourself just yet. You'll get the hang of it soon..."

MONTH 11: "...The way you sleep is getting cuter and cuter these are almost always on your stomach with your little booty sticking straight in the air. I got a picture of you recently and had to share. It's too cute for everyone not to see!! Every time I see you like this I just want to wake you up and hug you up real tight!! You are just simply adorable. I just don't know how to express it fully how much I adore you..."

MONTH 12: "...Happy Birthday....You will always be my favorite..."

How could I love you more every day when the day before my heart was overflowing for you? I don't get that.....but I feel it. Thank you for changing my life for the better, for making me want to be a better person, and most of all, for rescuing me. You are my hero my little one year old, and I can't wait for all of the years to come. We are going to have the most fun....I promise you that. No one could love you more......

Love, Mommy