Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Never Surprised Anymore....

Hey Silly boy,

You are just funny. I just simply adore your quirky and fun ways. What would I do if I couldn't laugh at the cute things you do every day? Last night I went to a consignment sale to buy your summer clothes and your daddy called me while I was there asking me where the camera was. I knew there was something funny to be captured in your sleep-state. So....I get home and see this......... hehehehe!

These green boots are your new favorite possession. You wear them all day long....don't like to part with them for a moment. So....I guess even sleeping you couldn't bear to be away from them. Gosh I love you....

Keep on being as cute as you are! Never stop!!

I love you,

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Body Parts

Hello my little love,

What a week....we have been going non-stop! No matter what is going on, or how busy/stressful it can get, you are still my favorite and most important thing that matters. All I have to do is focus on you when I'm having a rough day and I immediately start smiling. Nothing or nobody else has ever been able to have quite that effect on me! Thanks buddy! :) You make me a better person little man....

I wanted to post this adorable video we took of you in the bathtub the other night....I was asking you where Body Parts where....Unfortunately we couldn't get you do the "Spanish Version", but you DO know them all in Spanish as well.. Oh well....another video... :)

Love you my smart puppy!

Love, Mommy