Saturday, June 28, 2008

What will I find today???

Hi my little monkey,

You are funny. So very funny. And changing more every day. Every morning I go into your room to get you, I never know what I'm going to find. The room, or YOU, is never the way I left it, even with you in your crib... :) You have quite a few stuffed animals and a few blankets in your morning I walked in and everything was thrown all over the room. Wow! Tornado in your room overnight!! How strange! :) Another morning I walked in and your animals and blankets were in this PERFECT pile on the floor, one on top of the other. It was so interesting... Last week I walked into "CADE'S" room as you had taken the "N" off of the wall. Geez Luis! The next morning it was "CA's" room. :)

This morning shocked me quite a bit. When I walked into your room, there you were, standing there in your crib smiling in all your NAKED glory. Yep, you had taken your jammies off at some point in the early morning. You still had your diaper on, thank God, but I still have NO idea how you did that. How could you possibly know how to do that?? My brain still doesn't get it... Wow.... Just please don't take you diaper off ok?? I don't want to walk in one morning and catch you finger painting on the wall!! :)

It's so fun to see you changing and doing new things, and it's kinda fun to see what you're going to do next. I look forward to every new experience I get to share with you. Thanks for all the fun moments monkey!! I love you!

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Games Anyone?

Those Baby weekly emails that you sign up for when you are pregant, to help you know what to expect from pregnancy to beyond, have gone from mildly helpful to flat-out inbox pollution. They ran out of things to say about my child's development around week 32, and now I'm getting emails that are like, Today your baby is doing some stuff. Actually, he may or not be doing that stuff because all babies develop at different rates, but while we've got your attention, please click on this link to our store and buy something.

It's hard to believe that their writers can't think of one thing to say about a one year-old besides "you'll love seeing your child's growing sociability." Oh really? I'll love it? Thanks for the tip, because before you mentioned it, I was sort of expecting to keep him locked in his room with only stuffed animals as his friends.

I get especially annoyed by the emails suggesting games you can play with your child. (Peekaboo? Genius!) They are rarely based on any sort of reality, at least as far as I can tell. Or maybe my son is the only one who's not interested in "crawling over sofa pillows" for fun.

You want to know what games your one year-old really likes to play? You've come to the right place.

Biting Is FUN!
Players: 2-3
Rules: When you come in contact with any skin, BITE as quickly as you can and as HARD as you can!

Put Things In Your Mouth You Can Choke On

Players: 2
Game Pieces: Dice, pennies, ticket stubs, dog food, game pieces, paper clips.
Rules: Mommy goes and does something like wash dishes or return emails. While her back is turned, you put something in your mouth from the dirty floor. She has to find out what it is before time runs out. Fun, Fun!

Poke the Dog’s Eyeballs Out

Players: 1 human, 1 or 2 trusting canines
Rules: When the dog comes to drop the ball for you to throw, grab her in the eyeball and the lips as hard as your death grib will allow you. If you can hold on longer than 30 seconds, you win.

The Water Game
Players: 2
Game Pieces: Cup of water
Rule: Point towards a cup of water. Take a big sip. Then spit it at the adult who gave it to you. Repeat.

Players: The more the merrier
Rules: Go with your mommy to a restaurant, preferably a small quiet one. Just as the food arrives, shriek as loud as you can. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I Like To Put My Fingers in My Poo

Players: 2
Rules: While your diaper is being changed, reach down and stick your fingers in your own excrement. Then, make sure to touch everything around you as fast as you can.

Toss Overboard
Players: 1
Rules: When mommy is trying to do anything other than paying you complete attention, find anything you can put your hands on and throw it over the railing to the wood floor below. Extra points if it breaks.

Hide And Seek (New Version)
Players: 1
Rules: When mommy isn't looking, hide her cell phone, TV Remote and various other needed items and then make mommy go on a wild goose chase while you follow her around looking clueless.

What are the games you've played with your one year-old? Let's have 'em. I smell a six-figure publishing deal with your name in the acknowledgments...

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Little Brusher

My dear baby,

You are officially a "tooth brusher" now!!  How fun!!  Still don't know why they call it WHY on earth is it not called a teeth brush?  I mean, I can understand if you're a hillbilly in Arkansas, but come on!! :One of those things that makes no sense whatsoever .:)  Anyway, You still only have 7 teeth, but before the toothbrush I was using this rubber thing I put on my finger with little bristles....until the BITING became too much for me to handle!! No WAY was I sticking that thing in your mouth anymore!!! So....thus brought forth the TOOTHBRUSH!!  You already knew immediately what to do with it as you have watched the process done many times.  It was so just took that thing and started biting and rubbing away.  God I love you..... I just can't believe that we have taken YET ANOTHER step in the direction of your growing up.  :(




Brush your teeth every day little one!!!  I want to forever see that beautiful smile of yours.......It melts my heart.

Love, Mommy

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank You Letters

Ok so I am the WORST at sending out thank you letters.  THE absolute WORST.  I don't know what my problem is!!!  I am soooo genuinely thankful when people send a gift or do something nice,. I try to let everyone know how thankful I am....but when it comes to actually putting something in the mail, I become a horrible, horrible person apparently.  Bottom line, I suck, and I have no excuse.  Even as I type, I have thank you letters from Caden's Birthday sitting in front of me that I still have not finished.  They stare at me everyday reminding me of my complete failure to be thankful.  So....... I thought I would sent out to the universe some of my thanks to some  special people in my life that I know read this blog.   Here are all the thank you letters I SHOULD have written.....forgive me.....


My Gramma and Grampa in North Dakota:



Thank you for always being so sweet and kind to everyone..... I truly enjoy talking to you and knowing  that you are following Caden's little world so closely. That means alot..... Thank you for all the cards, and money for Christmas and birthdays.  It is much appreciated......Thank you.  I hate that we are so far away, but I'm glad we are linked even closer through this blog.... We love you!


Dad and Beth:



How can I thank you both enough for the endless support that you have given me?  You have helped me more than you will ever know.  You're always so anxious to know everything that is going on in our lives, and take an active roll in what is going on.  Even though we are far apart, I feel your love as much as you were right here.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Amy Hale:


Thank you for being in my life.....We've been friends a million years and I'm so thrilled that we still remain close.  I love you so much!  Thanks for caring about my son, and for the cute cars you got for his birthday....they are his favorite right now!!  What would I do without you?  I miss you so much......


Tennessee "Grandma Phyl"

Thank you so much for loving my son the way that you do, and for loving me as well!  Thanks for the little goodies you got him and we can't wait to come and spend more time with you!  You are a kind and wonderful woman......


Hilarie Keeney:


I am soo thrilled that you are back in my life again and that we can share stories about our little guys.  It has been so very fun!!  Thank you for being there, and for caring about my guy.  I can't wait to see you guys again.  You are a wonderful mommy and I'm proud of you!! :)


Dana Poulson:

me and dana

I miss you!  We live in the same town and I never get to see you enough!   You are so wonderful and I hope that someday you will see that like the rest of us do.... Thank you for being a good friend, for being there the day Caden was born, and for just ALWAYS being there.  I love you so much!!


Erin McNeela:

Nashville 041

Nashville 040

My bestest Chicago friend!!!  Gosh I always miss you so much.....Come visit again soon!!  I just wanted to thank you for being the sweetest thing EVER and for loving us the way you do.  Your heart is so full and you are just an amazing woman.  Thank you for being such a great example of kindness.  I love you so much....


My brother Joey and his fiance Desiree:



Gosh I love you guys.....what more can I say?  I HATE, HATE, HATE that we are so far apart, but just know that you are on my mind all the time!  Thank you so, so, much for just caring, and for checking in from time to time.  I miss you so much!!! 


Ian Stewart:


You have and will always be my best friend.....Thank you for always challenging  me and always making me laugh harder than I ever have before.  I love you....


Aunt JoAnn:

Nashville Sept 2006 017

You have always been one of my favorite family members.  I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.  Thank you for always taking the time to make me feel special in your busy life,  for really caring about how things go with my little guy and  for making me feel good about how I am doing as a mom.  I appreciate that, and I can't WAIT for you to meet him!!!  Thank you for your cards and your thoughts......they mean the world to me.  I love you


"Jo Jo"  Hankins:


Hey boo.....So sorry that you haven't gotten to see your little man lately.  He is growing so fast....... We miss you so much though!!!  Thank you for loving him the way that you do.  I think it is the sweetest thing EVER.  The way that he moves you is just adorable.  The night that he brought tears to your eyes I knew I would love you forever.  You are the best!!  We are lucky to have you in our lives and I promise we will come see you soon.  Thank you so much for your love....


My "Kimmie" Silvestri:

Kim and me

When I think of the most dear, sweet friends that I have, I think of you.  You are truly my most kindred spirit and I miss you so much all the time.  I hate, hate that life is so hectic, and our distance is so far keeping us from communicating as much as I would like, but know that I love you so very dearly and I appreciate your friendship and love.  You are one wise woman, and so quirky and fun.  If only more people could be as fun as us!!!   Thank you for your personality.....I love you.


My Branson Grandparents Richard & Leta Hite:


How have I been so lucky to still have you guys?  You "adopted" me when I was singing in Branson and treated me as your own.... Now, over ten years later, you still love me just as much.  You are both so wonderful to keep in touch and to care so much about my life, and my son's life.  Thank you so much for starting a bond for him...How can I thank you enough???   I miss you so much, and I can't wait for you to meet Caden!!  I love you....


Lick & Rinda:  ( no, it's not a typo! )


Just wanted to say thank you for loving my son the way that you do, and for subscribing to this blog just to catch some glimpses into our lives.  That really means alot!!  You are both so sweet and loving and I just wanted to thank you for the cards you send, and the support you offer .  You're the best!!!:)  Come back and see us soon!!!


Kara Monico:


I am so thankful to have you in my life girl....You have always been there for me, through some of my hardest moments , and you have always had some great advice and lots of love.  You are one of the most well rounded people I know, and you have bucketloads of wonderfulness to offer!!  I feel honored to be your friend and you deserve all the happiness this world has to offer.  Don't accept less than that, you hear me???  I LOVEEEEE You!!! Thank you for everything!!


My brother Matt:


Miss you!!  Wish we could talk more but just know that I'm thankful for you.  You are quite a funny guy.  Congratulations on your engagement!!  I can't believe both my brothers are engaged!! I'm happy for you..... Love you...


My Mom:


My mommy, my mommy, always will be my mommy....Oh how I love you..... I know I'm always telling you how much I wish I could be half the mom you are, but I'll tell you again... I wish I could be half the mom you are!!  I don't have enough room in all the blog posts to tell you how thankful I am for you.  THANK YOU. I couldn't do this without you...wouldn't want to.  I love you....a thousand times over, I love you!!


Missy Newton:


Thank you so very much for being in love with my little man.....Forgot those people who tease you about it.....You SHOULD love him!!  He is so perfect!!!  He has always simply adored you too, and I'm glad you got to see each other the other day!  Thank you so much for all the help you have been with watching him for me when I've needed it.  You have always been there for me, and always willing to do what it took.  Thank you for that...... You are wonderful!!!


Randall & Libby Purvis:

Gosh I love you guys....It's been so nice getting to know you both and I just wanted to tell you that I feel very fortunate to have you in my life.  Thank you for being so supportive and so good to me.  Thank you for wanting to be my friend! I'm so excited that you will be moving on my street soon!  Thank you for all that you do for me and for Caden.  We love you very much!!


Shawna  Sheahen:

Gosh, I just blanked on the spelling of you name....I hope I'm right!  (One of my many blonde moments) :)  Anyway...How did I ever get so lucky to have some of the BEST neighbors EVER???  I just love you dearly, admire you SO much, and just hope you know how special you are.  You are such an inspiration to me and one of the strongest women I've ever met.  Thank you for the kindness that you show to us..... Thank you for your generosity....and thank you for all your help.  It's so comforting to know that you are just three doors down.  Thank you for all that you are....I love you so much!!!


Heather Moore:


I love you my bestest friend!!  What would I do without you in my life??  You understand me like no other and you are as quirky as I am!  Love it!!  Thank you for your love, your HUGE heart, and your incredible generosity.  You amaze me with the kindness that you show every person that comes in your path.  We are all lucky to have you in our lives.  You always put everyone else first and I admire you greatly for that.  Thank you.  Thank you for putting up with me and always being there for me no matter what.  You are one amazing woman.....I love you....


Erica Alexander:


How can I even begin to tell you how thankful I am for you?  You are a breath of fresh air in my life.  Thank you for making me laugh til my cheeks hurt.  Thank you for having such a sweet spirit.  Thank you for being the best friend a girl could have.  Thank you for your willingness to always step in and help me in whatever way you can.  I always want you around, and I don't know what I would ever do without you.  Thank you for all that you are.  I wouldn't change one thing about you.  Thank you for you......I love you so dang much!!


Tracy  & Brian Spradlin:


Thank you so much for being such good friends....Gosh I am so blessed to have all of you!  And to have you right down the street?  That's wonderful!!  I have enjoyed your company immensely..... Thank you so much for being there for me and for Caden.  You guys are always willing to step in when needed and I thank you for that.   I love you dearly.   Can't wait to spend more time with you guys!!!


Tracie Corbin:


Tracie, I just love you.  I know we don't get to see each other much, but you are one of the sweetest people I've met in a long time.  We started this journey of mommihood together and it's been so wonderful to have someone to share our joys and pains.  Thank you for being there... Thank you for listening....and Thank you for all you've done for us.  You are an amazing woman and I feel lucky to have met you!  Can't wait to see you guys again!!!  Kiss Alex for me....... Love you....


There are so many other people I need to thank.....These are just people I know are reading, so if I missed you, then I didn't know you frequented this site!!   Thank you everyone for all that you are to me.  I am the luckiest girl on earth to have such wonderful family and friends.  I truly feel that way.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

My poor little "boo boo" has a boo boo.... :(

My poor baby,

Your head met the Rod Iron patio chair yesterday....not a fun moment. You were so brave actually...really only cried for like 10 seconds. The results however were HUGELY sad!!! Poor guy....I hate that you are not completely sure on your feet yet, and you fall a lot. I can't hover over you every second while you've got to learn...but I hate knowing the inevitable. You are going to fall, and occasionally it's going to hurt. That is life though...that never goes away...even when you are a super duper walker, you are going to encounter tough things. You are going to fall... and's going to hurt like hell. Again, I wish I could shield you from these things. I will do my best, within my boundries, but again, you have to learn. Just tread lightly my child....take it easy.... I love you with my life....

Love, Mommy

Friday, June 20, 2008

More of Caden....

More videos for everyone! You've been asking, so here they are!!

This first one is of Caden signing that "He is Hungry"

This one is yes, eating rocks....He is such a boy. :)

My little independent guy....

Just playin' with his toys....

This is Caden on the tennis courts with his daddy and his Grampa

In this video he is just doing a cute "head shake" thing that makes us laugh...

This is Caden on the beach!!

One more of Caden on the beach!!

Man's Best Friend

Hi buddy, You are sleeping now....Just started you yesterday on your NEW schedule. Yep! You are officially a ONE huge nap a day baby!! Just this last week you kinda stopped sleeping during your morning nap. You just played in your crib the whole hour, talking or singing.... So...I knew it was time. So now instead of 9:30am-11:00am and 2pm-4pm, you are sleeping 1pm-4pm. Woo hoo!! Way to go buddy....You're doing wonderfully. So....I've said before how much you love your little furry friends...or should I say, BIG furry friends, Gabby and Max. I caught a few videos of you with them yesterday and thought I would share. You are so darn cute. Ok, here goes!!.....

As always, I love you more than anything!!!

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

14 Months

Hey sweetness,

You are now officially fourteen months old!! Gosh....I just can't believe it. You are growing into a cute, smart & funny little guy. So much has been going on with you lately and it's been so exciting!

You love books right now and I couldn't be more thrilled. I hope you share my love of reading. There is nothing else like escaping into another exciting world through a book. I read alot to you, and you LOVE to be the one to turn the pages!!

You have definitely turned the corner with your communication abilities. It's sooo exciting. I've tried teaching you some sign language the last few months and repeat the motions as I say the words. This last week, as I have said the words, you have done the motions!!! Yesterday, I was in the kitchen washing dishes and you were playing in the tupperware cabinet as you dearly love to do. (Lately you take a piece of tupperware, walk out of the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs and throw it over the gate leading upstairs, and then repeat again and again. It is the funniest, thing ever.) Well, after a bit, you came up behind me and started yanking on my shorts to get my attention. I turned around and you started signing to me that you were hungry!!! I couldn't believe it! You then proceeded to walk to your highchair and pull it out for me to let you in. What an exciting moment! You told me you were hungry without actually speaking the words!!! So, so fun. You definitely lead us where you want to go now. You always want to come take our hands and pull us somewhere. It's so precious I could just die.... :)

You continue to be a great sleeper. I'm so glad I remained consistent with you when you were young when it came to your sleep schedule. It wasn't easy, but it has paid off in bucketfuls. Your napping schedule has been off quite a bit lately. Some days are one nap days, others are two. There's no rhyme or reason for it either. I'm still appreciating those two nap days though!

You are still quite the impatient, loud eater. The big thing with food is that I don't get it to you fast enough. Everyday (usually at dinner), I have you in your high chair while I make your food. You gets impatient & scream your "hurry up" scream. When you want food, you want it NOW!!! (I'm working on changing that)

Our morning routine still starts off with our Nursery Rhyme TV time. You sit in your little chair with your "woobie" and your glass of milk as you wake up. You can't get enough of those little kids singing and dancing on TV. Forget animation.....if I put on a cartoon or movie that is animated your attention span lasts about 10 seconds. Put on other kids, and you will be mesmerized for 30 minutes. You just LOVE other kids! It's like you are studying them so closely. Cute.... After we've watched them for a bit we head downstairs for breakfast. You know what to expect every morning....

You still don't have any real words yet but you continue to "point & grunt" and speak all your jibberish words. There was a time when you would say "car" and "ball" continuously, but for some reason, you don't want to anymore. Oh well....I feel like the words will all come in a flood one of these days.

You're still walking everywhere and all over. You just can't get enough of exploring. You try to open the front door to go outside (you're still too small to open it though thank goodness). You can open doors that have the pull down handles though!! I found that out at the office the other day when I closed us in a room to learn something from a friend on the computer, turn my back for 5 seconds and then hear someone down the hall say "Oh well hello! Who are YOU little guy?" Man you are growing up. You do really well with holding our hands and walking around in stores and stepping up and down the steps on the front porch. It's so cute to watch and I love seeing you so grown-up.

You're really into playing with the dogs right now. You want to let them inside ALL the time so that you can play ball with them. When I put that back outside you stand by the door and just cry and cry. It's so sad! You'll be ok for awhile and then come find me, grab my hand and lead me back to the back door so that I can let them back in. sweet. I am so amazed at how gentle they are with you. You will go grab a ball right out of their mouth, or they will in turn come bite a ball out of your hand. I cringe slightly when I watch this exchange just waiting for you to start howling cause a tooth clipped your hand or something, but still nothing! (Thank God!) I'm so glad you love them so much.....

You are definitely in a little "frightened of everything phase." It's so sad, and so sweet all at the same time. Simple noises that never phased you before have become "OH SO SCARY." If I turn on the garbage disposal, hit the lever for the ice dispenser, print something from the printer, etc..... you come RUNNING to me, crying, with this look of terror on your face. Oh gosh it's hard not to laugh cause it's just so cute honey......but I hate that you are scared so I comfort you as much as you need. I hope this phase passes soon as it extends to people a bit too. You don't want ANYONE else to hold you but your dad and me. Even if we are RIGHT there you hate it. You were never like that before....I know it's normal though at this stage of your development, I just hate for you to be afraid!! :) Soon......

You are quick to learn and I haven't needed to do any time-outs yet. My "stern mommy" voice and re-direction seems to be all you need right , but you sure know how to test it sometimes! You do NOT like to be told no lately.....You hear the word and you just have a mini meltdown right before my eyes....THE most pitiful face and crocodile tears EVER. I just ignore it, hard as it is, and you bounce right back moments later. Too funny.... You're a really well behaved little boy my love, and I'm so proud of you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph


Caden has discovered his penis. As in, really discovered it.

There is no page in the baby book specifically to record this milestone. I checked.

Happy Father's Day!

Hi baby,

Yesterday was Father's Day so I wanted to tell you a little bit about your daddy.(You look JUST like him for goodness sake!!! I haven't spoken much of him on this blog as it has mainly been my personal journal of my feelings for you, and because of other reasons, but it's about time I tell you a little more about the man that has helped raised you. First and foremost, your daddy is soooooooo in love with you little guy. I've never seen a man more in touch, in tune, and more hands on with a child than your dad. It has shocked and amazed me, as I truly was concerned how he might be when you came along. Before you, he was very unemotional when it came to children. He always said he wanted kids, but I wondered if he truly wanted them for the reason of spending time and loving on them, or just to "have" them. My fears couldn't have been more wrong. Since the day you were born you have had your daddy wrapped around your little finger. He was as captivated by you as I am, and it has been fun watching him change and grow as a man and a father since your arrival. It's amazing how a 7 pound 14 oz baby can completely change a person's life!!

I would definitely say that I am the more "laid back" parent and he is much more "concerned and paranoid." (Not sure paranoid is the right word, but you know what I mean. :) ) When you are walking around, he doesn't want you to fall....ever... so he is right by your side most steps you take to ensure your safety. Not that I like to see you fall, cause by all means I hate it, but I'm more like "Ahh..... he's fine...toughens him up...He'll be fine two seconds after!" :) He always is very particular about your milk being luke warm...heating it in the microwave until it is perfect so that you don't get sick. I, on the other hand, just pour it right from the fridge into your cup as if its no big deal. (Man I sound so unconcerned!! ) He is just definitely more high strung if things aren't just perfect for you and it really is adorable and sweet. I've never seen him obsess about anything so much before in his life! He just wants the best for you and won't accept anything less!

He has been the biggest help I could ever imagine since before you were born until now. He is always willing to pitch in to help, always willing to buy what is needed for you, always willing to watch you when I can't, and always willing to give you lots of love and attention. We are both very lucky to have him around. You are one loved little guy!!!!

I can't wait for you to know him more and spend lots of time playing with him and learning lots of Spanish! You are already a bi-lingual baby and you don't even realize it yet! Your daddy speaks only Spanish to you and I speak English.....Already you know tons of both. How fun is that??? Just think of the advantages you will have in life knowing more than one language!! I'm excited for that.

Anyway.....Just know that you are deeply loved by your daddy and he would do anything in the world for you. Happy Father's DAY dad!!! One day you'll be able to say that!!! I love you little rascal...

Love, Mommy

Friday, June 13, 2008

Several blogs smooshed into ONE

Hi my munchkin...

Do you know how much you have exhausted me recently? You are just into EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I just can't even believe how curious you are. I haven't even written in over a week cause by the end of the day after chasing you around I can't even keep my eyes open long enough to get on this computer!! I have honestly never been so tired in my life. I feel like I can never get ahead on sleep. :) And you are worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it. Gosh, I feel like I fall deeper and deeper in love with you every single day. How can you possibly be so adorable?

You are so smart....I see it more and more every day. Although you aren't really talking....well, I shouldn't say that are always jibbering, just not making sense, you still seem to understand everything that I say to you. If I ask you where anything, blanket, pacifier, MY shoes, your hair, your feet, your nose, your tongue, etc... you either GO get them, or point them out. What a smart little fella you are!!! You are just REALLY getting it......It's pretty exciting for me. I feel like the communication barrier is thinning out even more. How fun is that!! When I ask you if you are hungry you make the motion of bringing your hand to your mouth again and again as I tought you. It's adorable. I LOVE YOU!!

As part of this new "communication" phase, you love to come grab my hand and take me to where you want me to go. You defintely seem to know what you want now, and always seem to want me to be a part of it. You also love pushing me...... You get behind me and act as though I'm some push toy. You seemed so amused and you laugh and laugh. Some days it's quite difficult to get anything done cause you always want me by your side now, or for me to pick you up. Quite adorable though....My heart melts because of you....

You love dancing. I am just amazed how someone that is just ONE years old could possibly know what "rythm" was, and actually keep time to the music shaking his booty! :) You seem to eat it up and make that excited face when music comes on. I sure do hope you share my love of music. Shake that booty baby!!!

Ok....I have much more to write but I'm too tired tonight...I'll finish up tomorrow. I love you bunches and bunches!!!!

Love, Mommy

Happy Birthday Brendan!!!

My friend Hilarie's son Brendan just turned ONE today!! Yay!! Happy Birthday BRENDAN!!! I can't believe you are already ONE!! I hope you had lots of fun with your Grandma and Grandpa and your Aunt Becca!! Wish Caden and I could have been there, but we'll plan on it next year!!!! Hope to see you guys soon.... We miss you and we love you... :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Your Darn Crib

Hi boo...

It's so late and I'm exhausted but I had to write a little something... You just woke up crying again for the second night in a row. This never happens, so I knew exactly what it was..... Your leg was stuck in the rail of the crib. This is about the 5th time now that this has happened. I'm not quite sure what to do! I took the bumper out of your crib a couple months ago when you started walking cause they say it's not safe to have them in there once you get mobile, but I want to put it back in there so badly! I hate that you get stuck that way!! My poor boo boo..... I love you so much.... Ok, that's it for now. I'll write more tomorrow.

Love, Mommy

P.S. Forgot to write yesterday that you are CRAZY, and I mean CRAZY about brooms. Give you a broom and you will stay entertained for an hour. Not LOVE the broom.....and the little dustpan on a stick is your best friend for sure... :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Like or Not to Like

Hello my little prince,

We're back into the grind now and mommy's been unpacking and doing tons of laundry these last two days.... It's good to be home.

You make me laugh so much munchkin....You have such a personality even at one.

Here are some things that you LOVE right now....

Climbing up and down stairs. You just can't get enough. It's almost ridiculous really....You reming me of Gabby and how obsessed she is with chasing the ball. She would do it 24/7 if you'd let her. You just want those stairs so much...You find them wherever we go....

Pushing ANYTHING you can get to move. LOVE the act of pushing, OR pulling really about anything. You love to push your stroller, chairs, anything that can be manuevered around. It thrills you to no end. :)

Leaning backwards on things. Ok, sounds wierd I know...cause it is!! :) You will back up against the couch or an ottoman or ANYTHING really and bend backwards and lay down. You love it. You do it all the time and it's quite silly. I'm always telling you how silly you are when you do that. :) You even walk around trying to lean your head back as humanly possible as it is without falling over backwards. Your so cute my little wierdo! :)

CARS.....always cars.... they have a way of entertaining for hours... I love them too for that reason!! :)

Drinking from a water bottle. Forget the sippy cup!! You LOVE to drink like a "big boy." I don't allow it tooo often as there is usually a wet shirt involved in this action, but it makes you so happy and you seem to beam with pride in your drinking achievements!!

Throwing things over the railing to the floor below. Ah!!!I can't even talk about it.... :)

Feeding yourself. You're so coordinated and cute when you do it.... You will see the tiniest crumb on a finger and you use such skill to move it to an easier, accesible place to lick off. It cracks me up. You are just so stinking precious!!

Rocks. I swear, you are all BOY. You are in LOVE with rocks. I'm slightly worried when you want to chew them. I don't want you to hurt your cute little teeth! It's like the sand thing, you think you'd realize that rocks don't taste so great but you seem to enjoy them immensely. Oh gosh... :)

Your little tennis racket and ball. You are just enthralled with those. Probably cause your daddy loves them and wants you to love them so much... :) You carry them everywhere though, and make your silly little excited face.

Of course your favorite things are still Cell Phones and Remotes. That will probably never change. :)

Here are some things that you DON'T love so much right now....

Getting you dressed or getting your diaper changed. Good Lord child, you would think that I was implementing some type of torture on you! You just fight it the whole way. Whine, whine, whine....twist, twist, twist....fuss, fuss, fuss....move, move, move.... Argh!! It is NOT an easy feat at times. Your daddy finally gave up...:) He officially does not want to go through "that" again. Hahaha!!! You are a rough one... :)

Mommy leaving the room that you are in. Freak out! :)...yes you do slightly... You are definitely in that clingy phase where you always need to know where I am. It's sweet, and it's sad too..... Poor guy...I'm coming right back!!

Grass. You're not so keen on the grass thing. Obviously that will change, but if i set you down in the grass to walk or even just sit, you make the WORST face like "what the heck is THIS business?" It's pretty funny. I guess you don't so much like the texture of it yet. Soon you will be running wild through it!! :)

Me wiping your nose or your face. Another moment of misery in our lives is when, God forbid, you have a runny nose and I have to wipe it!! Or if you have made a mess eating and I need to wipe your face. The floodgates open wide up, and you act as though your heart is breaking. You would think you were a woman for the drama show you put on!! :)

I love watching you change and grow. I want to bottle up each memory so that I never forget one moment. You are my love, my life..... You are the best!!!! I can't wait to learn all the things that make you tick.....Keep on truckin' baby...

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Hi my sweetness,

We're back! Whew! What a whirlwind trip. We tried to pack WAY too much into 10 days. Not doing THAT again! EVER!! It was very nice, don't get me wrong, but your mommy was way too stressed out most of the trip. That's not supposed to happen on a vacation is it?? :) All I can say is that I am glad to be back. The first few two days were full of Dentist appointments for your mommy, and an appointment for your vaccines. We then drove SIX hours, yes, the beach (Ixtapa, Mexico) to the All-Inclusive Resort where we went in October when you met your Grandparents for the first time. It was beautiful there....absolutely couldn't have asked for better weather, food, and drinks. We had alot of fun laying in the sun, playing in the pool, eating lots of yummy food and drinking some Pina Coladas. (Well YOU didn't drink those, but your mommy had a couple :) )

Speaking of food.....GOOD LORD my child!!!! I have never seen you "pack it in" more than you did while we were in Ixtapa. You were the bottomless pit!! I mean, when it was time to eat, you couldn't get enough!!! You seriously ate more than me at some meals. You were sooooo excited for each bite that you just had everybody in stitches. We laughed so hard at you. It was as if each bite was a bite of heaven... I was seriously worried many times that I was overfeeding you!! I mean, when was I supposed to stop when you seemed so famished?? I guess it was just the sun, the pool, the playing that made you that way cause you are back to normal now. I will never forget that appetite. It was one for the record for sure!! Unbelievable how much that gut of yours can hold!! You looked like you had a little "beer belly." Adorable....what can I say??

You absolutely loved the beach and all the sand. Like I said before, you loved the sand WAY too much. All you wanted to do was eat the sand. At first we thought, "Ah, he'll eat a little and realize it doesn't taste so great and then he'll stop."!! You would just keep shoveling it in....make a strange face, try to get it out, and then do it all over again. Child of mine!! What is the deal??!! You are such a silly little guy. You were quite a sandy mess. I can't even believe the places that sand can find itself on the human body. Holy shmokes....that's all I'll say... :)

We went back to Celaya, spent another few days with more dentist appointments and another round of shots for you, and just hung out with the family. It was a little stressful, but overall a good time.

Flying with you this trip was, well, what can I say...a NIGHTMARE!! I figured out that this last flight was the 25th plane you've been on since you've been born. (We've had lots of legs on our flights) Anyway, all of them have been relatively smooth except for this trip! Can I say NIGHTMARE again?? What has happened to my perfect little flyer?? Hehehe..... You are just at that age where you can't sit still for two seconds. You are walking now and you just want to walk and explore all around you. You couldn't understand why I was not letting you down to walk, and holding you in such a small, confined area. (And confined it was, as we were in one of those SMALLER planes) You just didn't like that much and definitely let us know. Good grief we were stressed out. I'm sure alot of parents are used to the crying and whining of their little ones and it doesn't phase them as much, but we are DEFINITELY not used to hearing you cry, so our stress level was compounded by TEN MILLION!! You are just at that "in between" age where you are not a baby anymore, and you aren't old enough to sit down and color or watch a movie. I think I'll wait til you are two before I attempt THAT again. Lord, give me STRENGTH!!! :)

Anyway, we are back and I'm happy. I need a vacation now!!! :)