Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you really be 3 ????

My sweet growing boy,

Happy birthday my little man! (Even though I'm almost 2 months late..) This blogging thing has gotten tougher the older you get, but I am kinda fired up about writing more now so it should be better? We'll see. So now you are three and I just still can't seem to believe it. It seems like yesterday when we crammed all those people into the hospital room to witness your arrival...we had so many laughs, it was such a breeze, and then....YOU. The most amazing day of my life...(even with nurse crazy eye in the picture) LOL I will tell you that story someday...or perhaps your aunts will tell you....hehehehe

While last year was all about cars....which you still have a fondness for....this birthday has been a Spiderman extravaganza. We decorated with webs, spiders, spiderman cutouts, red and blue cupcakes with webs on them, and red and blue koolaid. You kiddos even sprayed silly string all over the yard like web slingers! You got a Spiderman bathing suit, Spiderman underwear, a Spiderman car, Spiderman kite, Spiderman fishing pole, and a bike with a Spiderman helmet! Talk about Spiderman overload!! You couldn't have been more thrilled!!

The thing is, you are not singly loyal to Spiderman. In fact, when I asked you what kind of birthday cake you wanted, you said you wanted a Little Mermaid cake....then you wanted a Princess cake...ehhh..Spiderman won out. :) Hehehehe :) You were happy though.

In fact, you’re pretty much always happy. You’ve been that way since birth. I like to think that you get that from me. Don’t get me wrong, you have your grumpy moments, just like your mommy,but generally, you’re a good-natured guy. And also, active. You LOVE to play with your friends, go to the park, have picnics, and build forts with the couch cushions. You NEVER slow down.....

This year you have learned so much, a big one being that you were potty trained at 2 1/2 years.....completely. Not even a pull-up at night! How awesome are you? You have a better bladder than your mommy! It's been so nice not having to deal with diapers....thank you for that!! Now we just need to work on you not pulling it out in random places to our garage, front porch and at the resort in Mexico right in front of lots of people. Hmmmm..... :) You are great at saying your please and thank-you's, you have learned many songs and can count to ten in English and Spanish....I could go on and are just one smart cookie.

And it must be said that you are QUITE a talker. HOLY MOLY. AGAIN, something you get from me!!! Sometimes your mouth doesn’t stop moving all day, and I often wonder if it is paybacks for how much I talked my mommy's ear off! Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED that you are talking and learning so much but you EVER take a break??? Hahahaha You crack us up with the funny things you say.....Just the other day you walked into a brightly colored bathroom and YELLED "Holy COW! This is soooooo cool!" hehehe You’re always have me laughing....thank you for that my sweetness.

You have been more generous with your affections and I am absolutely loving it. Sometimes you just come up to me, fling your arms around me, kiss my cheek and say "I love you mommy." My heart melts to butter. I love you little boy more than you could ever know....thanks for your sweet little love. :)

I only have to look at your long, skinny legs and little-boy shoulders to see that you’re not a baby any more. There’s no more chub to grab, and you are so heavy now! I only feel a little sad about it though, because you’ve turned into a great little buddy. We can actually have whole conversations and it is so much fun! You make me smile every day, and you give the best hugs. I am totally cool hanging out with a 3 year old... :)

I love you, buddy. You’re the best 3-year-old I ever had.

Love, Mommy

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Erica said...

I CANNOT wait until your old enough to learn about Nurse Crazy Eye!! She was a loon!! Your mom's right that was a wonderful time. We laughed AND cried... tears of joy, of course! So special you are!