Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh my aching body... :)

Well, today I am one year older....and BOY do I feel it this year more than any other year. I know WHY too.... :) This kid is kicking my booty, people. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve met my match in a person barely taller than a darn coffee table, but there you have it. Between his boundless energy, his love for super hero moves, and his love of RUNNING FAST...., this child is running me ragged! :) Thank GOD he’s a good sleeper or I may have hurled myself off a bridge by now. LOL

This morning I woke up with my lower back KILLING me...seems to be a normal thing lately....Happy Birthday to me!! I could not move for several minutes. Creaking and groaning, I finally hoisted myself out of bed. Common sense would say to take it easy, right? Not an option in my world. No way man....

If you’ve ever wondered how many times a mom bends down in the course of a day, the answer is 7 trillion. We bend down to pick up last night’s bath towel next to the tub, to put another load of laundry in the dryer, to wipe up congealed lumps of breakfast, lunch, and dinner off the floor, to untangle the dog’s leash from the stroller wheels, to search for lost pacifiers under the couches, to clean up 5000 cars off the driveway, to get down on the floor to play 1000 times during the day, and etc etc etc.....

That’s BESIDES all the times we bend down to pick UP kids -- off the dressing room floor at Target(been couple years, but still) out of the bulk candy bin at the supermarket, off of the dog, and out of the crib, stroller, car seat, and bathtub.
I’m actually shocked my back still works at all.

I need a massage...maybe I'll hit my hubby up for one tonight.... The goal is relaxation, but as knotted up as I am, it would require him to use excessive amounts of force and manipulation to unknot them. About as relaxing as a third-degree sunburn, people.

This parenthood stuff is grueling on the body, there’s no doubt. Wouldn't trade one minute for the world, but SHEESH!! LOL Let’s see, there’s the accidental face scratches, the not-accidental karate chops, the bruises from being hit by flying balls. (YOU try explaining to a toddler that it’s OK to throw a foam ball but not a golf ball.)

I guess my current back pain is my body’s way of saying, “HELLO?! Remember me??” And as I bend down to pick up crusted peanut butter and jelly sandwich that somehow got smooshed under the dishwasher area, cute little boy sandals, and the hundreds of army guys, I do remember it, over and over.

As grueling as these things are, they are the things that make my life the most complete...I love that I have a boy that is energetic and fun. I wouldn't trade it for the world....that's what I get for being to old when I had him right? Somehow my body will just have to get used to it, and hopefully I can stay in one piece long enough to hold my grandbabies right?? Ok, going to go do some more bending over.....

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Anonymous said...

You know, I'm a member of the Y and I was having quite a bit of back pain until I started doing the yoga class every Monday night. It's really, really helped.
Also, in case you didn't remember, I was a Massage Therapist and still have my table. I could bring the kiddo's over, Wesley and Caden could play, Zachary could lay there and I could work out your back. Call me sometime, girlie!
Niki B